Practicing Good Eye Health: What You Should Be Doing

Practicing good eye health is something you should always be doing, but most people rarely think about it. Your eyes see and go through a lot on a daily basis. Imagine how many times you touch the things around you and how often you then touch your eyes or your face. The bacteria on your hands could spread quickly to your eyes, leaving you with an eye infection. Now consider how many times you do things without wearing eye protection, and how many times you could have had something fly into your eyes and harm your vision. These are just a few of the poor eye health practices you most likely do on a daily basis without thinking twice about it. Read on for a few things you should be doing to practice good eye health.

Blink Often

Staring at a screen may leave you with dry eyes, because you aren't blinking as often to re-wet your eyes. You need to blink often in order to re-wet your eyes and keep them hydrated. Look away from the screen you are staring at to help your eyes focus on something else and to give your eyes a break. If you work at a computer, or if you're just someone that likes to play on a tablet or a phone, you need to be sure you are looking away and allowing your eyes some time to rest. Closing your eyes for a moment can also help to re-wet your eyes.

Clean Your Lenses

Clean your contact lenses with contact lens solution to remove the daily grime from your contact lenses. With clean hands, rub the contact lenses, one at a time, between your thumb and finger to clean the lenses. Replace the contact lens solution in your contact lens case each time you put away your lenses. Also be sure to replace your contact lens case every few months, as grime can also build up there over time.

Wear Eye Protection

Be sure to wear eye protection when out in the sun or using heavy machinery. You need to do what you can to protect your eyes from injury or other issues. Wear sunglasses when out in the sun to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, and wear glasses to protect your eyes from something flying into your eyes when working with heavy machinery or working with tools of any kind.

Practice good eye health by using the tips above, and talk to your eye doctor about other things you should be doing for your eyes to keep them healthy.

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