Different Choices In Eyewear

If you have had an eye exam and it has been determined that you are in need of prescription lenses to improve your eyesight, then you'll want to learn about all of the different options you have available to you. Because, in most cases, you will have a good amount of choices. Here are some of the choices you may have available to you when it comes to picking the corrective lenses you go with.

Prescription glasses – You can go with a regular pair of prescription glasses. You can choose a no-frills pair of glasses, or you can have some options added on to them. For example, you can have a tint coating applied to them which causes the glasses to get darker when you go out in the sunlight, so your prescription glasses also double as sunglasses. You can also have an anti-scratch coating applied to the glasses that will help prevent them from becoming scratched.

Anti-glare coating is also available which helps fend off glares from lights which can be especially frustrating to deal with at nighttime. If you need two different prescriptions, one for seeing things further away and one for seeing things closer, then you may be able to have bifocals designed for you. The majority of the lenses will help you see things around you and off in the distance, where a small portion built in that lens will help you to read things that are close up.

Prescription safety goggles – If you have a job that causes you to wear protective safety goggles often, then you may find it hard to wear safety goggles over your prescription glasses. This is why you may want to also get yourself a pair of prescription safety glasses. These are great because they work as both corrective glasses and safety goggles at the same time.

Contact lenses – You can opt for contact lenses. These are nice because they improve your vision without anyone even knowing you are wearing them. You also have different options when it comes to the types of contacts you decide to wear. You can get clear lenses, which are actually tinted with a very light shade of blue just to make them easier for you to find.

Or, you can go with contact lenses that have different colors that will change the colors of your eyes when you put them in. If you have always wanted to have different colored eyes, then this is your chance. You can also go with long wear contacts or disposable contacts. There are even bifocal contacts, just as there are with prescription glasses.

For more information, contact your local eye services.

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