Treatment Guide For Convergence Insufficiency

Not all vision difficulties stem from far or nearsightedness. A common vision issue of childhood, which can persist into adulthood if not treated, is convergence insufficiency. This neuromuscular condition makes it difficult to bring both eyes to focus on the same object, which makes binocular vision hard. If you or your child suffer from convergence issues, the following guide can help you understand the condition and its treatments.

What are the symptoms of convergence insufficiency?

One of the more difficult issues with convergence insufficiency is that it is not typically detected on a normal vision test. Fortunately, there are some signs to watch for, which include the following:

  • Delayed reading

  • Double vision

  • Words that move or swim on the page

  • Blurry vision

  • Headaches

  • Tension around eyes

If you suspect you or your child suffers from convergences issues, your eye doctor can perform a binocular vision assessment to pinpoint whether this is the case.

What are the treatment options for the condition?

Treatment is usually in the form of both medical aids and vision therapy. Glasses may be prescribed to help focus the vision and train the eyes on one spot, even if glasses aren't otherwise necessary for vision acuity.

The most common type of treatment is via vision therapy, which is like physical therapy for the eyes. You or your child will have regular appointments with the vision therapist to perform eye exercises designed to overcome the convergence issues. You may also do some of these activities on a computer.

An example of these exercises follows:

  1. Hold a pen, pencil, or other small object at arm's length, level with your nose.

  2. Focus both eyes on the object.

  3. Maintaining the focus, slowly move the object closer to your nose until it touches your nose.

  4. The key is to maintain focus the whole time. Stop moving if you lose focus until your eyes pull the image together again.

The therapist will teach several different exercises, which are to be performed at home. Make sure you understand them completely, especially if you will be guiding your child through the therapy. Also, only do the exercises as often as prescribed, as you don't want to fatigue the eyes and cause more issues.

For more help, talk to a vision clinic further about treatments and exercises to improve vision. Convergence insufficiency can be treated successfully in both children and adults if a treatment plan is followed properly.


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